Press: 110 in the Shade at Palm Beach Dramaworks Back
"The performances of Jessica Hershberg and Cooper Grodin blaze as bright as the unrelenting sun. Hershberg's sweetly assured Lizzie is perfectly calibrated. Grodin brings a commanding voice and presence essential to Starbuck"
-Palm Beach Daily News
"Cooper Grodin, a freqent player on national tours, brings the requisite hunkiness to the linchpin role of the seductive spieler Starbuck...Grodin with his deep set eyes and dark ale of a voice acquits himself well."
-Florida Theater Onstage
"As Starbuck, Cooper Grodin strikes just the right duality, both callous and tender. He enters with revival meeting bravado ("The Rain Song") and later smooth talks Lizzie with a tale of mythic derring-do ("Melisande")."
-Palm Beach Post