Press: The Golden Land (Off-Broadway)Back
"But the most exceptional singer is Cooper Grodin. Early on, as the immigrant Yosi, who becomes Joe, Grodin commands the stage singing 'Lozt Arayn (Let Them In)'; later he does a priceless pseudo-Shakespearean turn during a segment that evokes the real Yiddish theater of old; and further on he spins down into a soft, sentimental duet with Surkhe-later-Sadie (the charming Daniella Rabbani) in 'A Khulem (A Dream),' wherein the couple affirms their optimism for the future in spite of the hard times of the Great Depression. Grodin also tears down the house belting out the great Yiddish theater star Aaron Lebedeff's famous 'Rumania, Rumania' in a brilliantly staged and sung production number."
"The six performers in the show each have a primary character, but they all play a variety of supporting roles as well. All are gifted and accomplished players, and it’s unfair to single out any of them for praise. That said, the moments I’ll most remember from A Golden Land came from Cooper Grodinand Daniella Rabbani as Joe and Sadie, a young couple who keep their dreams alive, despite economic hardship during the 1930s. When they sing the good-natured 'A Khulem (A Dream),' wrapped in each other’s arms—she in her slip, he in his undershirt—it’s a celebration of enduring romantic passion. We should all be so lucky as those two, the Great Depression notwithstanding. Grodin also has a show-stopping turn with the blistering 'Rumania, Rumania.'"