Press: The Phantom of the Opera Back
"Mr. Grodin, who only stepped into this role last week, is edgy, sexy and vocally stunning. Where Grodin excels is in the “Final Lair” scene, where he delves into emotional depths that I have not witnessed since seeing Michael Crawford."
-Michael J. Roberts, Showbiz Chicago
"...Both are young. Both are beautiful, even thrilling singers. Grodin is an interesting actor with all kinds of promise."
-Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
"His quite good. His Phantom is no tortured artist or lovesick suitor. Grodin plays him as a man unhinged. More despotic than desperate, he is a man on the brink of a breakdown."
-Barbara Vitello, Daily Herald
"As Phantom, Cooper Grodin carries a powerful voice as well as charisma and charm."
-Mira Temkin, Chicago Upscale Travel Examiner
"Cooper Grodin, as the Phantom, emphasizes the mad and melodramatic side of the Phantom without stepping over the line into parody as he sang terrifically, hitting all the tenor ranges demanded in the score."
-Tom Williams, Chicago Critic
"In addition, the casting is especially shrewd. Cooper Grodin, who only stepped into the title role a week ago (and who confirms the powerful impression he made as Billy in a 2010 Light Opera Works production of “Carousel” here), is younger than some who have played the part, but this makes his competition with Christine’s suitor, Raoul feel more real. So does the choice to make his face seem less deformed than usual."
-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun Times
"The songs and orchestration, however, are hauntingly beautiful. Webber’s music and Charles Hart’s lyrics...are gorgeously expressed by Cooper Grodin (Phantom)..."
-Jodie Jacobs, Chicago Theater Examiner
"In one word, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA is Extraordinary!... Cooper Grodin (Phantom) assumed the title role only recently. Grodin was pitch perfect. In some scenes, I could hear his rapid breathing. It was as if he was building his physical capacity to belt out the notes. And he did, marvelously!... Udine has powerful synergy with both Grodin and Chicago native, Ben Jacoby (Raul)."
-Katy Walsh,
"And if Cooper Grodin makes for a suspiciously youthful Phantom, he attacks the part with persuasive passion."
-Kris Vire, Time Out Chicago
"This is not your parents' "Phantom of the Opera"...this Phantom has a darker soul and near fanatical obsession...Cooper Grodin is a menacing Phantom..."
-Roy Leonard, Roy Leonard's Ramblings
"The major pyrotechnics are the powerhouse performances by The Phantom's Cooper Grodin, his ardent tenor is supplicating as 10,000 Valentines and his exposed deformity more wrenching than before..."
-Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Theater Beat
"Of course, no amount of spectacle will work if the leads aren't up to snuff. In the title role, Cooper Grodin...offers up a sexy, lean Phantom with a huge voice"
-Robert Bullen, Huffington Post
"Cooper a passionate portrayal of the Phantom...(he) delivers a golden voiced 'The Music of the Night' and 'The Point of No Return'"
-Betty Mohr, Le Bon Travel and Culture